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Frosted Window Film: Elevate Privacy and Retain Natural Light

Commercial and residential frosted window films provide a modern and cost-effective alternative to expensive specialty glass and bulky window treatments. Blinds can make your space feel dark and gloomy, detracting from your open surroundings and the beautiful view you cherish.

The versatility of our frosted film collection makes it perfect for a variety of situations. With our wide range of patterns and designs, along with different finishes, you can easily find the ideal product to achieve the look you want. Whether it’s for your home or business in the Tennessee area, Nash Window Tint has the solution for you.

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security and privacy film for windows in nashville, TN

How Frosted Film Benefits You

Enhance Safety
Increase visibility on interior glass surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents and making your space safer for everyone.
Elevate Your Style
Transform your space with Nash Window Tint's frosted films, giving it a one-of-a-kind, personalized look and ambiance.
Say Goodbye to Glare
Strategically position our frosted film to shield your space from bothersome and uncomfortable glare. Enjoy a glare-free environment.
Boost Your Privacy
Nash Window Tint offers the perfect solution to enhance your privacy. You can apply frosted films to any glass surface, be it your doors, windows, room dividers, or even cabinets. Say goodbye to unwanted onlookers!
Extend Your Branding
Consistency is key! Nash Window Tint's frosted films allow you to carry your branding seamlessly throughout your Tennessee building.

Frosted Film Applications

Home Applications

Living and Dining Room Partitions

Create an open space by adding glass partitions between common rooms. Frosted film reduces distractions and ensures safety.

nashville frosted window film

Bathroom and Shower Privacy

Frosted glass film is commonly used in bathrooms, providing privacy without sacrificing light. Easily apply it to windows and shower doors.

Wardrobe and Front Doors

Enhance privacy and aesthetics with frosted film on glass wardrobe and front doors, allowing ample natural light.

frosted window film Nashville, TN

Balcony Balustrades

Customize privacy on balcony balustrades by applying frosted glass film.

home window tinting Nashville , TN
frosted window film nashville tn

Study Door and Window

Stay focused in your study with frosted glass film, minimizing distractions and increasing privacy.

Skylight Windows

Prevent glare from skylights while keeping natural light with frosted window film.

frosted window film nashville, TN

Work Applications

Custom Branding

Use frosted glass film for branding with logos, patterns, or messages.

window tinting service Nashville, TN

Office Doors and Windows

Boost productivity by reducing distractions with privacy window film on office doors & windows.

security and privacy film for windows in nashville, TN

Glass Partitions

Ensure privacy in glass-partitioned spaces, like boardrooms, and make them easier to maintain.

Nashville, TN frosted window film


Respect privacy in shared work bathrooms with frosted glass film.

Transform Your Space with Window Frosting Film: All Glass, Any Design

Frosted window films, like those from Nash Window Tint, create the look of fancy etched glass. They come in various patterns and textures, and you can easily take them off and replace them. You can apply these frosted, patterned films in different directions – up and down, side to side, or at an angle – to make your glass look absolutely amazing.

At Nash Window Tint, we have a special machine called a vinyl plot cutter right on our premises. This means we can make custom designs fast. These designs not only make your space look more elegant but also make it more useful.

commercial window film Nashville, TN
nashville frosted window film

Frosted Window Film Service Since 2002

We Serve the Nashville, Brentwood, & Franklin Areas

Choose Professional Quality Frosted Window Film Choose Nash Window Tint in Tennessee, Brentwood, & Franklin.

At Nash Window Tint, our foremost priority is to ensure top-notch customer service, and this commitment extends to our Frosted Film Installation services. Our dedication to delivering flawless results from the very beginning has garnered us an outstanding A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. To maintain this high rating, we consistently update our team on the best practices for installing home window tints, including Frosted Film, and provide them with the latest tools and materials for each project.

We take pride in serving customers throughout Tennessee, particularly in Brentwood, Franklin, and the surrounding areas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (615) 807-0145 or visit our website today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our exceptional Frosted Film Installation services for your home windows. 

Got questions about Frosted Window Film?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you see through frosted window film at night?

Frosted window film provides limited visibility at night when there’s light on the other side. It diffuses light and offers privacy but doesn’t offer complete opacity in well-lit conditions.

What is the difference between frosted glass and frosted film?

Frosted glass is permanently textured, while frosted film is a removable, self-adhesive material. The key distinction lies in their composition and application. Frosted glass is part of the glass itself, installed during manufacturing, whereas frosted film is applied to existing glass surfaces.

Does frosted window film come off?

Yes, frosted window film is removable. Simply peel it off, and any adhesive residue can be cleaned with an adhesive remover or a water and dish soap mixture.

How long does frosted window film last?

The longevity of frosted window film depends on quality, exposure to sunlight, and proper installation. On average, it can last 5 to 15 years or longer if well-maintained.

Are frosted windows a good idea?

Frosted windows offer privacy, aesthetics, and energy efficiency, making them a beneficial choice for various spaces.

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